Vertuo expresso and coffee machine is here to make your morning time fresh and energetic. With the help of this powerful and easy to use the coffee machine, you can make your favourite espresso or coffee within seconds.
No more extra time and no more efforts, this machine is the easiest way for busy people to prepare their morning coffees at the right time. Moreover, this machine also offers the Aeroccino milk frother that further gives a creamy flour and fluffy texture to your coffees.
Though, you can use this milk frother to get the perfect texture finish to your single serve cup beverages such as a latte or yummy cappuccino. Breville, one of the famous brands, is an outstanding and powerful performance Nespresso machines that offer you a flavour-full rich taste within no time.
Now, making coffee has become so simple! Say thanks to this best Nespresso machine that is lightweight, affordable, and durable in quality.


Dimension 8.3×11.91×11.93 in.
Weight 10.85 lbs
Heat time 15 seconds
Water tank capacity 40.oz
Used capsules capacity 13 coffee/ 20 espresso
Power 1350W
Centrifusion Speed 7000 rpm
Brewing Technology Centrifusion Technology
Removable water tank Yes
Power save mode Yes
Cable length 33.46 in.


This model is specially designed to prepare some large coffee bowls for you and maintain the richness and taste as well. Made with the superior and hard material which provides you with a better luxurious look plus light in weight, so that you don’t need to put in under your cabinets.
It is one of the best coffee/espresso machines ever that is fully automatic and works on a single touch button: no more extra functions and buttons, just a simple machine with its simple one-touch operation technology.
Also, a fully automatic coffee/espresso machine which comes with the ability to provide you with rich aroma flavours and brewed single serve coffee or espresso cup.  This all can be done just with a one single touch button, and your coffee will be ready within seconds.
This simple to use coffee machine delivers touch button mechanism so that you can get the best in-cup result for every style of espresso or coffee you want to have.


Ventou Espresso machine is smart and works like a magic touch button and offers you with the restaurant style results. And of course, it comes with a milk frother as well which further enhance the texture of your coffee/espresso.
Moreover, this versatile and lightweight coffee machine can give you the security to brew five different styles of single serve cups within the touch of a single button.
Thus, you can prepare a double espresso, single espresso, gran lungo, alto, and coffee. Also, with the help of the milk frother, you can create some rich and texture full latte or cappuccino.
And yes, don’t forget to try some iced coffee or chilled latte drinks, while pouring some ice over it to enjoy the amazing working of this machine even in summers.

Quick Features:

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC: the machine is fully automatic, that means you can operate it with the help of a single button, and that’s it. It doesn’t need any more operational functions to prepare coffee/espresso.
  • VERSATILE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: it can brew 5 different single serve cups of coffee/espresso for you which all would be rich in taste and completely in a fluffy texture. You can prepare espresso, double espresso, coffee, gran lungo, and as well as an alto.
  • SMART COFFEE MACHINE: built-in with a new and advanced technology of CentrifusionTM technology by which you can use the machine time after time without any over-heating or less-power. This new technology using barcodes to deliver the best in-cup results in which you will get the perfect crema for large sizes of a coffee cup.
  • MILK FROTHER: this powerful coffee machine comes with a bundle package in which you will get a milk frother which can be used to create some fluffy textures over latte and cappuccino.
  • REMOVABLE WATER TANK: with the help of this removable water tank, you will be able to clean it easily. Also, the tank has a 40. oz capacity.
  • FAST PERFORMANCE: yes, the machine is yet very powerful and fast in performance. Just within 15 seconds, the machine will be heated up, and you don’t need to wait for too long now.

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  • Removable water tank
  • Light in weight
  • Fast performance
  • Affordable
  • Five different coffee styles

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  • It creates a lot of sounds.

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Final verdict:

If you are a coffee lover and your mornings can’t be complete without a cup of hot coffee, then this machine is a kind of perfection for you. It is very simple in use and a fully automatic device which works with a single touch button. Also, it is affordable, so if you want to find a convenient option for your morning coffees, then we hope you know the answer now.