CitiZ Espresso has a unique quality to give your morning a positive boost. If you want to start your day with an energetic kick then having the best espresso machine would be an excellent choice for you.
But preparing your hot cup with the help of home espresso brewers can sometimes become difficult and tough. Moreover, sometimes you don’t even enjoy the taste that you can get from your favourite coffee shop.
For this, you need to get the CitiZ espresso machine that is the most convenient and fastest option for you to make better espresso at home.
So, if you want to enjoy the real espresso at your peaceful place, then we recommended you choose this beginner setup of Nespresso CitiZ espresso machine because it can make some delicious and same quality coffee which you get from any coffee shop.


Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.1 x 14.6 x 10.9 in
Water Tank Capacity 34 oz.
Container Capacity 9-11 used capsules
Weight 7.30 lbs
Power 120V
Pressure 19 bar
Cable length 2.6 ft.
Removable water tank Yes
Power save mode Yes


With this Nespresso CitiZ machine, you will get the maximum richness and taste in a cup of coffee. The machine offers you the easiest way to enjoy your warm cup of espresso further, anytime you want.
However, the CitiZ espresso machine is made with the strong material that makes the machine super comfortable in use and reliable. Moreover, it is light in weight, which means you can change its place on your shelf whenever you want without any disturbance.
Also, the CitiZ espresso machine is a compact looking coffee machine which never takes much space on the counter of your kitchen. This could be the best choice for those compact kitchen apartments/house where people don’t have much space in their kitchen.


The best thing about this coffee machine is that it provides you with a high-performance system. The machine has set up with its 19-bar pump system that will further give you with barista-style single-serve espresso or coffee just according to your mood every day, every time.
It can perfectly extract the refined flavour of each Nespresso Original Coffee capsule so that you can get a real taste in every sip.
It is perfect for those busy people who always wanted their coffee to be made fastly, especially in the mornings. So, with this CitiZ espresso machine, you will experience with the fast speed and energy saving technologies. It has built with the fast heat-up system to offer you with the ideal temperature within just 25 seconds or less.
Also, the machine has built with an automatic energy saving switches feature, that will allow the machine to turn off after 9 minutes of inactivity and as well as, you can be extended the time duration from 9 to 30 minutes.

Quick Features:

  • ADJUSTABLE CUP SIZES: with the help of its adjustable cup size along with the feature of two programmable buttons of Espresso (1.35 oz.) and Lungo (5 oz.), you can make a rich flavour coffee for a perfect single-serve.
  • REMOVABLE NESPRESSO CAPSULE CONTAINER: it also offers you to get amazed with its removable Nespresso capsule container, water tank, and drip tray so that you can get a simple and quick cleaning process.
  • BEST FOR CHILLED DRINKS: just pouring some ice to create your delicious latte or iced coffee drinks, best for summer parties.
  • WATER TANK CAPACITY: the removable water tank comes with the capacity of 34 oz.
  • 19 BAR PUMP SYSTEM: this feature will allow you to enjoy the rich barista-style coffee or espresso for a single-serve every time, the machine is very delicate to extract the flavour of each capsule into your hot cup.
  • FAST HEAT UP SPEED: just within 25 seconds, you will get the machine completely heat up and reaches the perfect temperature for your coffee or espresso.
  • ENERGY SAVING FUNCTION: it also has an energy saving function which can automatically turn off the device after minutes of inactivity, so that you don’t waste your electricity again.
  • LIGHT IN WEIGHT: yes, the machine is also very light in weight which offers you more comfortable options to move it from one place to another.

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  • Rich coffee flavours
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and effective
  • Energy saving option
  • Perfectly extract each capsule.

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The manufacturing quality isn’t excellent.
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Final verdict:

The CitiZ is always the best Nespresso machine since ages, as it is very light in weight and comes with an affordable rate. This could be a good choice for beginners who want a less difficult machine for their morning time. CitiZ espresso is very easy to use and offer you with a variety of rich tastes and aroma.